ph 16 led screen

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Professional Solution to Drive LED Walls
Digital Video Decoder
Video Decoder Adjustments (NTSC, PAL) Brightness, Contrast, Hue,Saturation
Adaptive 2/4-line Comb filter for Two Dimensional Chrominance/Luminance Separation
State-of-the-art Motion-Adaptive Deinterlace Processor
Intelligent Edge Deinterlacing
Digital Color/Luminance Transient Improvement (DCTI/DLTI)
Advanced 4x4 Pixels Interpolation Scaling Algorithm
Advanced 4-symbol LUT for H and V Enlargement Scaler
Independent H and V Scaling Ratios
10-bit Processing
User-defined Gamma Value from 0.4 to 3.99
8 levels Output Brightness Selection
User-defined LED Window Size and Location by Front Panel Button setup
1 of 8 Sources Directly Selected by Front Panel Button,includes:
1 x DVI
1 x VGA
4 x CVBS
1 x Y/C
1 x YPbPr
Audio Sync Switch
Seamless Switch
Switch Input Source,Change Brightness automatically by Timing Control Plan
LED Transmission Card Built-in ability
Remote Control through TCP/IP Internet Network
24/7 ApplicationSystem Diagram Specifications Inputs Nums/Type 1×RGBHV(VGA)
1×DVI 1×YPbPr(HDTV) 4×CVBS 1×Y/C(S-Video) Video system PAL/NTSC
CVBS Scope/Impedance 1V (p_p) / 75Ω Y/C Scope/Impedance Y: 0.7V (p_p) / 75Ω, C: 0.35V (p_p) / 75Ω
RGB/DVI resolution 1280×1024@60Hz, 1024×768@60Hz , 800×600@60Hz
RGB Scope/Impedance 0.7 V (p_p) / 75Ω
YPbPr (HDTV) System
1280×720p@60Hz, 1920×1080i@60Hz
YPbPr (HDTV) Scope/Impedance Y: -0.3V ~ +0.7V (p_p) / 75Ω Pb: -0.35V ~ +0.35V (p_p) / 75Ω Pr: -0.35V ~ +0.35V (p_p) / 75Ω
RGBHV: 15pin D_Sub(female)
DVI: 24+1 DVI_D
Y/C: 4pin mini DIN(female) Outputs Nums/Type 1×RGBHV(VGA) 1×DVI RGB/DVI resolution
1024×768@60Hz RGB Scope/Impedance 0.7 V (p_p) / 75Ω
RGBHV: 15pin D_Sub(female) DVI: 24+1 DVI_D Others Control RS 232. Panel Button Power
100-240VAC 60W 50/60Hz
Operating Temp 5-40 ℃Humidity 15-85%
155 mm (high) ×350mm (wide) ×
485mm (length) Weight
5.6 Kg


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